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My Garden

My garden is very special to me. I live in a beautiful old house that was built in the late 1890’s and while the yard is small, I have been able to make it work for me and take advantage of every inch. Perennials are my favorite type of flowers to grow; right now, I have peonies, irises, hydrangeas, clematis, roses, columbine and lily of the valley. I  planted over 100 tulips and daffodils this fall and will be holding my breath in hopes that the rabbits and/or deer won’t take them before they get a chance to bloom.  I am also attempting to grow the following by seed: zinnias, cress, and scabiosa (thanks to Floret Farm for their wonderful seeds!). I am also hooked on dahlias but still have a lot to learn! I have fabulous ivy and hops that continue to grow bigger and better each year and I enjoy using them as beautiful added greenery when making floral arrangements.
                                                          I invite you to "take a stroll" through my garden below!

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